Our training courses

Training courses
  • Initial health and safety training
  • Periodic health and safety training:
    • for employers
    • for managers
    • for administration and office staff
    • for physical workers
    • for engineers
  • Methodological training for managers
  • Training courses in performing first aid
  • Fire safety training
  • Conducting fire evacuation drills
  • Specialist training (UDT – the Office of Technical Inspection, SEP – the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers)
Open training

Preparation of designated employees to perform fire protection tasks. Employer's obligations resulting from the provisions of the Labour Code and applicable fire safety regulations. Rules of equipping the facility with the firefighting equipment required by law. Correct demarcating and marking of evacuation routes. Awareness of the dangers resulting in the necessity to evacuate people. Rules of conducting and managing the evacuation of people from facilities in case of an emergency.

Updating knowledge and skills in particular with regard to occupational risk assessment and methods to protect against hazards as well as introducing work conditions in accordance with health and safety regulations. Rules and proceeding in case of an accident.

Updating knowledge and skills in particular with regard to occupational risk assessment, occupational risk and protection of employees against risks as well as introducing safe work conditions.

Acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in performing life-saving treatments.

Why us?

Training is conducted by highly qualified specialists. The training is carried out in the form of courses, seminars, guided self-study or e-learning. We provide you with the necessary training materials and each training courseends with an appropriate certificate.

Training is tailored to your individual needs and is intended to convey not only theoretical but also practical knowledge.

Training can take place at our or your company's premises. Training is also conducted in English.